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Negligent Truck Drivers

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Commercial trucks accidents cause devastating damages and injuries simply from its size and power. When these become involved in a road accident, the blame can be given to a number of people: from the driver, the truck company or operator, the truck manufacturer, and even the people performing the maintenance and loading of the cargo. There are various factors that come into play in a truck accident, and for victims, these can be a big hurdle when trying to get compensation from a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

If you believe that the truck driver’s negligence is the main factor for the accident, then you have to be able to prove it in court. There a number of ways a truck driver can be considered negligent, among them being:

  • Driving aggressively of without regard to other motorists’ safely – tight deadlines are the main reason why many truck drivers commit aggressive driving.
  • Distracted driving – anything from eating, texting to talking to the phone which could take the truck driver’s attention from the road and his driving can cause a miscalculation that would result to an accident. Truck drivers are prohibited from using any hand-held devices while they are driving according to federal laws.
  • Using illegal or prohibited drugs – because of the long hours of work and deadlines, many truck drivers take prescription pills or even illegal drugs in order to stay on the roads. This, together with stress and lack of sleep, would greatly impact their judgment and mood when driving.
  • Lack of training – commercial trucks requires special training because it is very difficult to maneuver and control such big and powerful vehicles that are capable of going in fast speeds. Additionally, they are required to drive in almost any weather, and are able to handle the load of work. Anyone who is not qualified for such position can only endanger the safety of those who are sharing the roads with them.

You need to hoe evidence of the truck driver’s negligence in order to have a proper personal injury claim against him specifically. Consult with a lawyer who knows the laws in your state and has wide experience in personal injury and car accident claims in order to win the claim.

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