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Product Liability

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Every day, millions of American purchase products to utilize in their daily lives. These products are necessary to maintain their household, and are often used by all members of the family. It is very unsettling then, when these products prove to be defective and harmful to those who encounter them. These unsafe situations can be extremely problematic for everyone involved.

Common occurrences harmful product defects include: pharmaceutical defects, toxic food products and containers, dangerous childcare products and toys, defective vehicles, manufacturing defects, design defects.

Toxic food products often affect a large group of people at once. When a food product proves to be toxic due to a temporary or isolated contamination, it is often not apparent until a large group of people become ill, and the food product is discovered as the link in their diets. At this point, the product is recalled.

Some of the most harmful product defects in this category are dangerous childcare products. Sometimes, products marketed to children fail to make parents aware of the dangers they could pose to their child. Examples of this could include toys coated with poisonous paint, or toys with pieces so small that they are a choking hazard to children in the age group that they are marketed to. Even parents who practice extreme caution with their children can have their child be harmed by a defective product if an oversight by the manufacturer causes the company to not make the parent aware of the potential hazard a product poses to their child.

Injuries involving defective products tires are some of the most harmful and stressful incidents that someone can experience. These never occur on purpose, and are always unexpected. However, they are unfortunately often the fault of the carelessness or neglect of the product manufacturer of another party. In these cases the victim of such an injury may be owed certain damages.

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