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Elder Abuse Statistics

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Not many people are aware of the extent of the problem that elder abuse can lead to. According to a 2010 Census, about 40 million people in the United States are over the age of 65, with the number expected to grow up to 20 percent in the next two decades. A great majority of the elder abuse is sadly from their caregivers and is brought about by a number of factors, but mainly due to the elders’ dependence on others for their care due to mental inadequacy and physical frailty. This vulnerability has lead to various types of elder abuse, including mental, physical, emotional and even financial abuse.

Legally, elder abuse is defined as “any type of abuse or neglect of people over the age of 60 from a caregiver or another person in a relationship other than their usual caregiver”. Unfortunately, the frequency of elder abuse is not readily available and data is not clear because many cases are not reported. Furthermore, those who assist the elders do not have enough training to really distinguish the signs of elder abuse or neglect, causing the incident to continue. The fact that the most common form of elder abuse is psychological abuse that is very hard to identify. This has lead many personal injury attorneys to file a case against many caregivers and nursing home staff in behalf of the families because they are not very familiar with the process of injury claims and nursing home abuse cases.

Elder abuse can occur in any type of environment, with majority of the abuses taking place in nursing homes. The effects of elder abuse can depend on the type that the senior has experienced. Physical abuse can lead to permanent disability, while emotional and psychological abuse can affect the senior’s mental state. Financial abuse can empty the person’s financial resources which hinder their access to medical treatment. Suspecting any type of elder abuse should be reported to the right authorities to address the problem. Contacting a personal injury lawyer would be a good decision in order to address the situation accordingly and discuss your legal options.

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