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Sturgis Rally Motorcycle Injuries

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When you buy a motorcycle, you become a member of a family of riders all over the country. Biker culture is fascinating and is a uniquely American phenomenon. One of the reasons the bond between bikers is so strong is because it is well known that operating a motorcycle is dangerous. Lacking the safety features of a standard car, even the smallest crash can be fatal. When almost half a million riders come together, the dangers escalate even further, and it is important that everyone be aware that they are not the only riders on the road.

Last month, during the first week of August, bikers and motorcyclist enthusiasts from all over the Midwest came together for ten days of festivities at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, South Dakota. This event brings in crazy numbers: over 700,000 people attended in 2015 alone, and $800 million dollars of revenue was brought in. According to an article in the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal, there have been more crashes this year than in 2016, including one fatality. Authorities from South Dakota report that there have been double the number of crashes resulting in injuries than there was last year, a total of 24. The fatality occurred when a man from Utah crossed the center line on a highway and hit a semi truck. There have been plenty of other arrests, as well. There were 44 misdemeanor drug offenses, as well as seven felony ones, which is down from last year’s 53 misdemeanors and 14 felonies. DUI arrest numbers are similar to last year as well, clocking in at 49. The article goes on to document every single one of the crashes reported so far, most of them involving motorcycles.

Of course, this article was only published on August 7th, before the festivities had even ended. The statistics in the article are meant to reflect the numbers at the same point in time during the festival last year. Because of this, the number of accidents and arrests is likely higher than the numbers quoted here. It is only natural that when that many people come together for so many days, there are bound to be higher rates of accidents and arrests. Considering the sheer size of the event, it is difficult to police the entire area and make sure the number of accidents remains low. Considering how much money this event brings in, it might be a good idea to allocate a good portion of that to ensure the safety of the attendees.

Even though the fatality that occurred during the Sturgis Rally was not a result of a motorcycle collision, bikers are still the most vulnerable drivers on the road. There are a number of personal injury lawyers in the midwest that can handle motorcycle accidents and make sure that other drivers pay for their reckless behavior, and it is important to be protected, especially if you want to make the pilgrimage to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally one day to join your biker brethren.

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