Nursing Home Dangers: Physical Abuse

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Nursing Home Dangers: Physical Abuse

Deciding whether to put a loved one in a nursing home or not is a serious personal issue. Putting a loved one in a nursing home has a lot of benefits, like your loved one getting the adequate care he or she needs without you worrying while you are at work. But you should also know that nursing homes can potentially be dangerous as well.

The nursing facilities may be insufficient to cater to your loved one’s needs. The management may be too incompetent and create hazardous conditions in the area. The medical personnel itself may be the hazards, as it may have abusive members.

There are different kinds of nursing home mistreatment, but one of the most common one is physical abuse. This happens when someone, like a nursing home staff or another patient, has used incidental force to your loved one, resulting into harm.

You may not always be there for your loved one, but when you are, you should look at the following signs to determine whether he or she is experiencing abusive behavior:

  • Sudden emergence of wounds, especially unexplained ones
  • Sudden change of behavior, especially in the presence of a specific person
  • Deterioration of health or worsening of present medical condition
  • Emergence of new medical conditions

According to the website of Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, other abusive behaviors may not be as apparent but still constitute as physical abuse, such as when the patient has received unreasonable force as a means to restrain him or her. In fact, inadequately retraining a patient may lead to injuries, particularly in the wrist.

Elders may be too limited to defend themselves or explain the situation to you, so you should consider the dangers of nursing home negligence before putting your loved one in a nursing home. Look at the facilities to know if they are adequate. Talk to the management to have an idea how they do things around the place. Watch the nursing home staff perform their tasks on residents.

The website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® says that those who have loved ones who have experienced abuse or neglect in nursing homes may get financial compensation. This is a good way to ensure that the nursing homes around you are not practicing abusive and neglectful behaviors.

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